Polaroid (2017)

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  Release Date: Dec 01, 2017
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Polaroid is an upcoming 2017 American horror film that is about a high school quiet girl whose name is Bird Fischer. One day she finds a vintage Polaroid camera, she gets happy on getting the camera and turns into a photographer for most of her friends but little she knew about the harsh reality of the camera. She soon discovers that the reason behind the death of her friends is the camera whosoever gets clicked by the camera dies an unfortunate and untimely sorrowful death which she even tries to explain to her pals but at first they don’t trust her, later on, they realize that whatever she said was true.


Polaroid is an American horror drama film centred on the life of a high school teenager named Bird. She is a shy kid and usually the subject of bullying in her school. She also happens to be a loner, and one day when she finds a strange camera, she gets intrigued. There is something mysterious about the camera and when she finally comes to know that whoever gets their picture taken with the camera dies, she is shaken to her core. Now it’s all up to her to use it in whatever way she desires.



Polaroid is an upcoming American horror film about a young high school girl named Bird and her struggles with loneliness and bullying. One fateful day, she comes across a vintage Polaroid camera which seems mysterious in the first glance. She, very soon comes to know that the camera holds some very dark secrets and if she takes a picture of anyone with the camera, that person will die a painful death. With this much power in her hands, Bird now has to make some very big choices about how to use the camera. The film happens to be based on a short film of the same name, which released back in 2014.


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