Raw (2017)

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  Release Date: Mar 10, 2017
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  Runtime: 99 min
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Raw is an upcoming French-Belgian horror film taking on the life of simple girl who is thrown into the depths of insanity following a ritual to turn her into a vegetarian. The girl, a college student, is a vegetarian and she abides to her beliefs in all the situations. The first week in the veterinary college that she gets admitted in is everything from seductive to highly dangerous. That is precisely where she tastes the raw meat for the very first time in her life, just for the experience of it. But lo and behold, this unleashes the innermost creature that lies within her and she becomes desperate for raw flesh. When the animal meat isn’t able to satisfy her anymore, she takes the path of cruelty and extreme horror. But the spell misfires as she turns into a cannibal and starts killing and eating humans. The film has been a success in the festive circuits and in one of the screenings, a few of the audience members fainted. The film will see its worldwide release soon. The film is an out horror film which has been banned in many countries due to its realistic depiction of cannibalism and all the gore.


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