The Fate of the Furious (2017)

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  Release Date: Apr 14, 2017
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The Fate of the Furious is an upcoming American action drama film also known as Fast and Furious 8 in UK and fast 8 in USA; this will be the eighth installment in the popular action series. The story follows the life of Dominic Toretto and his comrades. The story will pick from where the previous installment ended. The group has decided to change paths and to lead a normal life for a change. Dom mysteriously goes back to his old life and finds himself on the dangerous missions. The rest of the group worries about him and decides to bring him back. But Dom has become sort of an unstoppable force of nature that can’t be stopped.

Movie Review

Few things to know  about the fate of furious (The fast and furious 8) before buy or rent movie
The box office’s throttling franchise Universal Box has now come to the latest chapter “the fate of the furious” in the eighth instalment of the movie fast and fast furious. This movie is the mix up of the lunacy, destruction & unbridled joy. The director F. Gary Gray has given a punch of twist in this movie. The leading male character Dominic Toretto aka Vin Diesel has now turned on his team under the command of nuclear winter beautiful villain Cipher (Charlize Theron) who’s intentions are not good and threatens to destroy the furious family.

The eighth instalment i.e. the fate of the furious is more self-aware than the predecessors of the same. It is absurd in a best possible way. Even with great fun, a lot of twists & beautiful Villain, the fate of the furious is not the best “fast and furious” movie.

Jason Statham & Rock are perfect for one another
One of most amazing things about the fast & furious franchise is the hate-love bromance. We have already seen the bromance of Brian (Paul walker) & Dom (Van Diesel) in first few parts. With this instalment also, you can see the Bromance equation between Jason Statham & the Rock. It’s a good chemistry between both of these in this new instalment. These two actors played off the one another’s personality really well.

The rock bicep, as well as curls, is a concrete bench

This instalment will showcase the superhero personality of the “Rock”. The superhero personality of the Hobb is shown throughout the movie in terms of the great fight, good biceps & a caring father.

F. Gary Gray’s brilliant takeaway on the franchise’s action sequences

A gigantic submarine suddenly breaching the surface during a chase sequence on a frozen land is a great marketing scene for the movie with some spectacular moments. F. Gary Gray puts a greater emphasis on the weight & power of the vehicles during action sequences. The director’s agility focuses on the impact of crashes rather than the agility of the cars.

Charlize Theron is a great villain
Charlize Theron aka Cipher in this movie has played the role of a dangerous hacker and looked like she belongs to the X-man movie series. She is going to mess with the family members & friends of the Tom. But at the same time, she doesn’t get to do enough in this movie as we have seen in the trailer. She is a hacker & playing the mastermind role with a lot of her scenes involves looking at the screen & shouting for the help for the better image on the screen. However, it would be pretty cool if she were a bit more physically active during fight sequences.

Great comic timing of Reisner-Roman & Tej
The comic chain of the two artists Reisner-Roman & Tej is really good to see & works very well. The three characters understand the relationship they have with each other in terms of great performance & better comic timing.


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