Frantz (2016)

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  Release Date: Sep 07, 2016
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  Runtime: 113 min
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Frantz is a German romantic drama film set in the backdrop of the First World War and is said to be loosely based on a film that got released way back in 1932 and titled Broken Lullaby. The film tells the story of a woman, whose fiancé gets killed in the war. She comes daily at the grave of her late fiancé who was killed by French in the war. One day while visiting the grave, she comes across a French man who also has come there to pay his respect to the deceased soldier. They start talking and the tension builds up between them as they both belong to the ‘enemy’ states. What would come out of their conversation? Would she be forgiving towards him or would she hold him responsible for the death of her lover, is what the story is all about. The film is shot in black and white and has done the rounds of film festivals across the world enchanting everyone who sees the film. The praises are mostly directed towards the overall beautifully melancholic tone of the film and the stunning cinematography. The film deals with the themes of love, depression, death and the war.


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