Leap! (2017)

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  Release Date: Apr 21, 2017
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  Runtime: 89 min
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Leap! is a Canadian French English language film telling the tale of Felicie, a kid from a little town in France who wants to be a dancer. She dances well and is quite confident about herself, but the lack of formal training in the art forms presents itself as the biggest hurdle in her way of leading the life of her dreams. When everybody disapproves, she takes one of her best friends Victor and leaves for Paris, where she believes all her dreams would come to life. Victor finds a job there as they separate and she manages to get enrolled into a dance academy. She assumes the identity of someone else in order to be admitted to the programme which itself is a big trouble to deal with. She finds no friends there but in a mysterious lady, she finds an ally, who back in her days was herself a great dancer. The old lady sees something special in young Felicie and decides on helping her. Her passion for dancing inspires her and the story moves forward digging into the themes of passion and dreams and culminates at the point where Felicie finally is seen leading her dream life of being one of the best dancers around.

Leap is a 3D animation drama film based around a little orphan girl’s quest to become a successful dancer. The story revolves around Felicie, an 11 year old girl hoping to become a great dancer someday. She leaves her small town and moves to Paris but with no money on her, she finds it hard to survive in the big city. She comes across a sweeping lady who promises to help her in her quest. And then their friendship becomes the central focus of the story about dreams, aspirations and heartbreaks.

Leap, a 3D animation coming of age film tells the story about Felicie, a pretty young Frenchwoman who aspires to become a great dancer someday. She has no parents around to support her so she is all by herself. She makes a daring move to Paris, in order to make all her dreams come true. But the big city life doesn’t set well with her. She somehow manages to enter into a prestigious dance academy while pretending to be someone she is not. But her problems doesn’t end there and soon enough, she finds help in form of a sweeping lady who promises to help her in making all her dreams come to life.


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