Tommy’s Honour (2017)

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  Release Date: Apr 14, 2017
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  Runtime: 117 min
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Synopsis 1: Tommy’s Honour is an upcoming American film about a golfstar and his son. The film, which happens to be based on the novel of the same name follows the life of Tommy Morris, a maverick golfer and his son, also named Tommy. The father, used to be a champion golfer and known worldwide for his unique touch he brought to the game. He is also credited to have set new ground rules for the game which are followed universally now. The film follows their tale as both the father and son make their way to the top in the international golf scene. The son is also talented and wins many accolades for his great hold on the game. He also manages to glamorize the game as the stadiums are getting filled now more than ever. However, things are not always the same between the both as they start to have their share of disagreements over so many things, one being the son falling for a woman he wasn’t supposed to. This, among other personal things comes in the way of their relationship and it goes all downhill after that. The film deals with the themes of passion, sports and fatherly love.

Synopsis 2: Tommy’s Honour is an upcoming biographical family drama film which happens to be based on a novel by the same name. The will take a peek into the lives of the ace Scottish golfer Tom Morris and his son. Tom was a big name in the game back in his days. He still is well respected and is known to have brought some new rules to the game which was widely accepted. His son, the young Tom Morris also turns out to be a world class golfer. But soon, the father and son start having troubles in their relationship over several aspects of their lives.

Synopsis 3: Tommy’s Honour is an upcoming American biographical drama film taking on the lives of two Scottish ace golf players, who also happened to be father and son. Their complexity in the relationship is the main themes that the film tried to explore. Old Tom Harris and young Tom Harris, both were great golfers in their respective periods of time but their relationship was never ideal. They fought over several things, one of them being the relationship of younger Tom with a woman which his father didn’t approve of. The film is based on a novel by the same name.


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